Asbestos Removal Machen

We now specialise in Asbestos clearance of cement bounded corrugated sheeting; these are often found on industrial or farmyard buildings, but can also be found as roofs on garages and sheds. They are often covered in moss and other growths as they've been there for many years.

If the roof is a grey corrugated material not stamped with ‘NT’, then it is most likely to be asbestos cement. Other materials which may have been used are corrugated iron, or reinforced plastic, although these are both much less common and easy to distinguish from asbestos.

When Asbestos roofing is disturbed this makes fine dust, that’s when it becomes dangerous. These fibres are dangerous when they are breathed in.

We have a specially trained experienced and certified team to safely remove your hazardous asbestos.

All of our clearances are fully registered with the environmental agencies and legal documentation will be issued.

Please telephone 01443 410666 for a free quotation and we’ll get started on disposing of any harmful asbestos on your property.


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