Fly Tipping Clearance, Roath

Fly Tipping is the illegal indiscriminate dumping of any waste on land, property or a highway that has no formal license to accept it.

Fly tipping is becoming a noteworthy problem all over the United Kingdom, in any remote and isolated location that is not closely monitored. Fly tipping can range from garden waste to domestic goods, motor cars and builders waste, much of which may be hazardous or toxic to humans and wildlife.


Greens Recycling is a Roath / Valleys based Fly Tipping / Commercial Waste Removal Specialist that can provide you with a professional and hassle free waste clearance service.

Greens Recycling are registered Waste Carriers with the Environmental Agency, which means we are allowed to carry waste to our Recycling Centre.

Greens Recycling will take the time to carefully clear the area of rubbish and to recycle as much as we possibly can, doing our bit for the Environment in the process.

Greens Recycling are usually available to visit the site in a matter of hours, and will take the correct action to remove the waste in a legal, affordable and environmentally friendly way.

Prices for general household and commercial waste
(not including contaminated waste) are £175.00 per tonne.
For a quotation on the removal of Hazerdous waste,
please call on 01443 741057.

All our prices exclude labour, machinery, transport and the disposal fee.
There are no hidden charges and you can rest assured that your waste will be taken to our Recycling Centre in Abercynon CF45 4EP. We have a vast number of different types of machinery to cater for this type of waste removal.

DISCLAIMER - There will be a surcharge added if any hazardous waste is found that we have not been notified of. i.e. Asbestos

Please telephone 01443 410666 to discuss prices and quantities.


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